Natashas’ Bagged Bug

Natashas’ Bagged Bug

  • On June 14, 2017

This is a car which we have known for a little time but has been about around a year or two now. Ever since we seen this car it is something we have had to do a shoot for and now we finally have. It has went a massive makeover from what it used to be and what it is now and it looks amazing.


It is a bagged bug. ~It is a 2014, 2L sport beetle with a stage 1 map by Celtic tuning. It has a full custom interior retrim, Harley Quinn wrap by ATM graphics. It has air lift performance 3p installed with dual compressors, custom boot build with sub. On an exterior point it has a front spoiler, rear Oem, ABT eyelids front and back, window tints and sun strip, yellow fogs, gloss black valance, number plate delete by ag automotive. Natasha has went and got herself sponsorship from radi8 and they got her some sweet ass looking cm9s and is also sponsored by fecksphilosophy which have some sick custom detailing products!


If you want to go an follow Natasha  – @bagged_bug_ni_brokegirl

Location – Holywood

Photos by – Jared